"His knowledge about the human body is amazing, but his "special" way to read your soul is more than awesome!! And he is also a yoga practitioners, what means that he can understand yoga injuries perfectly!"
Pat Prada
April 1, 2017
"Some of the best body work/ massage I have ever had has been performed by Rafa. He is very knowledgeable in anatomy and has a deep understanding of what yoga folks do with their bodies. He is especially good to go to for yoga related issues, however I go to him for anything. I always feel amazing after each session, and he always gives recommendations on how to avoid having the problem in the future. He is amazing!"
Alisa Truong
March 4, 2019
"Rafael is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable massage therapists I've ever met. His understanding of the body is outstanding and he gave me lots of useful tips. The session started with a very thorough consultation. The massage was tailored to my needs and felt wonderful - I was incredibly relaxed afterwards. I can't recommend him highly enough!"
Sabrina Collon 
May 16, 2017
"Rafael come highly recommended because he truly knows what he is doing and have really excellent skill and knowledge. More importantly, he understand us, the yoga practitioners body, being a practitioner himself. He is also highly in tune with the body and at the same time very inquisitive which helps a lot in the whole process. Oh, he is also very good at putting you at ease if you start feeling the preasure points."
Tony Tony Khoo
"I agree with everyone else! Possibly the most intelligent massage treatment I’ve ever had. Forceful when needed and very soft when that’s appropriate. Rafael’s genuine curiosity towards human dodies and how they work shines through."
Maria Cheadle
"I spent £3000 or so on therapists that were not great or just happy to take the fee when they should have referred me on. So I write my background in case you have similar one and therefore help you not make the same financial mistake and prolong pains you’re suffering. The more I practised yoga asana, the more I realised how much damage I caused myself after years of crashing on tarmac and jumps -skateboarding, snowboarding and riding motorbikes ... all pretty badly. Ignoring such injuries over 20-years, I managed to compound them with poor ergonomics at work causing RSI and then periods of intense weight training. Lost feeling in fingers, arching shoulder, limping, losing days in bed on pain killers... it felt like the injuries become one large knot of muscle. Yoga asana, and to much greater extent, the Ashtanga Vinyasa practise, has helped me understand the order in which to unravel these injuries and brought me in to contact with a few therapists that know what a practitioner is talking about... and can then interpret the real issue and not just treat the symptom. Not only is Rafa such a therapist, he is in a bracket of even fewer who will almost habitually find the other issues you forgot to highlight that has been nagging you since the last treatment. Having been lucky enough to have four treatments in a row, Rafa has completed the recovery of a set of shoulder injuries that started in 1998, and a mild limp from a motorcycle accident in 2005 - injuries I thought I had to put up with for life... Rafa has given me a second chance to fully rehab and re align the muscle memory. The asana practise proves it works. The relationship with Rafa extends beyond the session - he often goes well beyond his schedule if he feels my body needs it, and will always follow up to track progress and provide advice- a trait that shows just how much he cares. It’s amazing to think I only met him in 2017, have had only five or six sessions in the year, yet he has made such a difference to my life."
Douglas Breaks 
February 12, 2018
"I'm thankful for the two hours of listening to my body, my breath, deep processing of my body and release of the muscle and the mind at the same time - letting my blood flow again! And really allowed me to let go and relax .
You are blessed that you do what you really love - and have a lot of knowledge on the body, years of study and understanding of the human body.
With your touch you helped me to understand deeper aspects of my practice and my soul!!! You open my hurt even more.... Thanks a lot!!"
Noam Peretz
February 8, 2018 
"Rafa’s training, intuition and knowledge of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system culminate in a unique therapeutic experience.
He helped my muscles to relax and to integrate the changes that were occurring in my body as a result of practicing for two months in Mysore. Rafa is a gifted, compassionate body worker and I highly recommend Body Soul Therapy."
Stanette Militello 
February 7, 2018 
"I met Rafa last two months in Mysore. GREAT!! Deep understanding of the body! He helped me with so many issues. If you need a professional help, he is the one. Bravo!!"
Alessandro Cioffari Bertalli 
February 6, 2018 
"Rafael Helped me going through an injury. He is extremely skilled at his job and I could feel the warmth and care he put into his massage with me. The absolute best massage I’ve ever had. Highly recommended!"
Michaela Jelinek